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Chinky Mahoe | チンキーマホエ

Aloha I’m Chinky Mahoe and i would like to invite everyone to come to the nikko festival this year it’s going to be a great time thank you also for supporting the Hawaiian hula and the music and just enjoy yourself when you come Mahalo.

Chinky Mahoe / Kumu Hula
Josh Tatofi | ジョシュタトフィ

Aloha again This is Josh Tatofi.
and make sure you guys first annual Nikko Festival this year in a couple months of the month of July come check it out Aloha.

Josh Tatofi / Musician
Kama Hopkins | カマホプキンス

My name is Kama Hopkins.
Aloha everybody and I’m a member the holunape. I just wanna congratulate all of you the first Nikko Festival Congratulations. have a good time and enjoy Aloha – Kama Hopkins

Kama Hopkins / Musician

Musical Instruments